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Hot Recovery Hot Water Boiler (HRHWB)

Heat recovery hot-water boiler installation enhances efficiency of gas-turbine power plant cycle utilizing exhaust gas to generate hot water for utilities (heating, hot water and ventilation systems). Reducing temperature of exhaust gas and abating noise HRHWB ensures more ecologically sound operation of the plant.

Boilers are installed outdoors.

Basic design mode at nominal load of gas-turbine plant and +15 °С temperature of ambient air.

Performance characteristics КУВ-10-150 КУВ-23(20)-150
Thermal capacity, MWt (Gcal/h) 9.8 (8.4) 23.26 (20)
Water temperature at boiler inlet, °С 
Water temperature at boiler outlet, °С
Water consumption,  t/h 104 260
Water pressure at inlet, not more than, MPa(kgf/cm2) 1.6 (16.3)
Water pressure at outlet, not less than, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0.9 (9.2)
Flue gas temperature at boiler outlet, °С 100 - 110
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