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Internship for undergraduates with Technical and Engineering education

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Sibenergomash attracts and retains young and talented graduates to the engineering departments of the Company.

The first stage of this program includes internship for undergraduates from the leading national universities majoring in technical science. Beginning from the third year of education till graduation with a degree in Engineering or Technical Science, undergraduates learn firsthand all the aspects of engineering and design and see the results of their work. To say nothing about priceless experience and new skills and – what is most important – a deep insight of boiler-making industry – flagship of power engineering.

At the first stage undergraduates are interviewed by HR manager and technical specialist of the company. With the interview successfully passed, students go through an annual internship in the Engineering Center, where they work on their research projects.

After a successful defense of their research projects young specialists go through a year-long internship as engineers-in-training. Throughout this year EIT obtains the most important practical skills of a design-engineer or structural analyst. After the internship our new staff-members work not only in Design or Engineering departments. They can also promote themselves in other structural subdivisions of the company.

Interns will appreciate financial compensation of rent, travel expenses and daily allowances provided to all potential members of our staff. EITs are also provided with a compensation of rent and travel expenses.

We do appreciate active, devoted, goal-seeking and result-oriented specialists!

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