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History of Sibenergomash, earlier known as the Barnaul Boiler Plant, dates back to the year of 1942 which witnessed the greatest stress of war.

 It was the year when Lenin Nevskiy engineering plant was evacuated from Leningrad to Barnaul. It took the unbelievably short time to put evacuated to Barnaul facilities back on line. Engineers, technicians and labor men of the Nevskiy plant unloaded the equipment, laid the foundation and constructed the first workshop. Engineering building constructed the first, hosted the workshops for tools, valves for power industry, engineering and mechanical repair workshops.

Right away after the completion of the first engineering building construction the boiler plant started manufacturing valves for power industry and boiler equipment. In March 1943 the first steam-water valves, pressure-reducing cooling stations and throttling-humidification plants were fabricated. July 1943 witnessed output of the first atmospheric column deaerators. The same year the Barnaul Boiler Plant launched production of ancillary industrial fans for boilers.

A year later Barnaul Boiler Plant manufactured the first Д-8 and Д-10 type ID (induced-draft) fans (30 items) along with BД-8 and BД-10 type FD fans (forced-draft) fans, 2 boilers (without drums), 15,350 m2 of air heaters, 21 deaerator columns, 20 throttling-humidification plants, 1 heat exchanger, and spare parts for existing power plants. Steam boiler №1 was manufactured at Barnaul Boiler Plant in 1944. It was installed at Barnaul Power Plant -1.

1945 was marked with completion of press shop construction and the first days of cast house operation. In April the first cast iron was smelted at the plant. July of the same year was remarkable for one more unprecedented event. Gregory Tikhomirov, renowned caster later on, smelted steel, which was the first steel ever smelted not only at the boiler plant but at the Altay territory as a whole.

Expansion to foreign markets and first awards

In 1950, 8 years after the Barnaul boiler plant had been founded, it started conquering the international market. Boiler models were exhibited at Milan and Leipzig international exhibitions. Boiler equipment was supplied to industrial facilities in the Romanian People’s Republic and the People’s Republic of China. In 1952 our design-engineers designed a model of the first large-block boiler which didn’t have analogues worldwide. A year later Barnaul Boiler Plant launched production of its own high pressure boilers.

Six years after in compliance with the Resolution of the Counsel of Ministers welding workshop was established at the plant. Barnaul Boiler Plant came to be the world pioneer in electro-slag welding. Test samples of electro-slag welding along with the exhibits of E. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute were awarded with the Grand Prix medal at the international exhibition in Brussels. This achievement made V.G. Radchenko, chief engineer of the plant, Lenin Prize laureate.

In 1962 Barnaul Boiler Plant manufactured a new high-capacity axial ID fan of ДО-31,5 type. Besides production of a new high-performance FD fan with 84-86% overall efficiency was launched. The same year was marked with the plant’s chief engineer N.A. Weber rewarding with the Lenin Order, conferred to him upon the Resolution of Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet. A year later the workshop of welded drums manufactured the anniversary 1000th drum. In 1964 upon the Resolution of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria Presidium of Popular Assembly, Barnaul Boiler Plant was honored with the Red Banner of Labor Order for assistance in Maritza-Vostoca Power Plant construction and for construction, installation and commissioning of nitric-composting plant.

Expansion of production and development of new equipment

From the mid-1960s Barnaul Boiler Plant started designing and manufacturing equipment for nuclear power plants. By the late 1960s construction of the modular assembly workshop and aerodynamic station had been finished. Moreover the computation center provided with Minsk-22 dataflow computer had been put on line by that time.

In 1970 the plant started manufacturing E-1/9 low capacity boilers to meet the needs of agriculture. Three years later Sibenergomash started yielding boilers with gas-proof panels. The year of 1971 witnessed manufacture of the anniversary 1000th boiler with 420 t/h steam capacity designed specifically for Omsk Power Plant-1. In the same year 17 types of vessels and a line of centrifugal FD fans (ВДН-22IIУ, ВДН-24IIУ and ВДН-26IIУ types) were honored with the first State Quality Mark.

In the late 1970s Barnaul Boiler Plant was honored with four more rewards. They were the reward of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for prominent results achieved in construction of Lovissa-1 nuclear power plant (Finland); victory in
all-Soviet Union competition for productivity and quality improvement; prescheduled accomplishment of the manufacturing plan in 1978 and rewarding with Red challenge Banner of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, All-Union central Council of Trade Unions and Leninist Young Communist League. On top of that the Central Committee of the Communist Party rewarded employees with orders and medals for designing and installation of hydraulic press with 65 000 pulling force manufactured exclusively for France. At the same time the plant was recognized the Memorial of Labor Glory according to the Resolution of the Barnaul Executive Committee.

In 1983 the plant became the laureate of the USSR Counsel of Ministers Prize for development and introduction of БКЗ-420-140HIM-4 pressure-fired boiler. Three years later the Barnaul Boiler Plant was rewarded with the First Class Labor banner Order of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for development of the power industry in the brotherly state.

In the mid-1980s Barnaul Boiler Plant developed and introduced new equipment: ДП-2600 type deaerator with 2600 t/h singular capacity designed specifically for nuclear power plants and new 420 t/h capacity fluidized bed boiler burning solid fuel. To facilitate manufacture of technology-intensive vessels the plant put into operation a 360-ton-EOT crane, the highest in capacity within the Altay territory. In 1987 revenue-based financing and state acceptance of equipment were introduced at Barnaul Boiler plant.

Beginning of Reforms

In the early 1990s the plant was privatized and refloated into Sibenergomash Open Joint Stock Company and later on into industrial complex Sibenergomash which was taken over by Energomash OJSC.

In 1994. Sibenergomash developed a new fluidized bed boiler burning solid fuel available in 160 t/h steam capacity. The same year the plant was rewarded with the International Golden Star (Madrid).

The beginning of the twenty first century witnessed one more refloating of the enterprise. As a result the plant became Energomash (UK) Limited affiliate.

Legal reconstructions were followed by the changes in internal structure of the company and introduction of new equipment – waste-heat boilers. Moreover, Sibenergomash design-engineers proposed metallurgical, chemical and construction organizations to replace all ВДН, ДН and ДНх2 type ID fans with the new ones. Design of the new fans excluded possibility of humid and dry sediment formation on backside of impeller blades.

In 2001 Sibenergomash obtained RAO UES accreditation as the equipment supplier for its electric power plants. The same year was marked with the beginning of gas-turbine power plant construction at the territory of Barnaul Power Plant-1.

In the same year the TUV NORD (Germany) certified compliance of Sibenergomash Quality Management System (QMS) with EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements in the TUV CERT certification system. By that time export share in the company’s revenue structure had reached 47.8%.

For three years on (2005, 2006 and 2007) equipment of our company was rewarded with golden medals and diplomas of the Best Altay Product regional contest, Technical and Industrial Goods Category. In the year of 2005 series of ДНх2-0.62 and ДН type ID fans was honored with this reward. The next year the reward was given to БКЗ 210-9,8 ГМ type boiler and ДН-17БР type ID fan. And eventually in the year of 2007 the golden medal and a diploma of this contest went to БКЗ 420-13,8-5А steam boiler.

In 2006 Industrial fans manufactured at Sibenergomash were rewarded with a diploma and included into Hundred of Russian Best Products list. The Altay chamber of Commerce and Industry rewarded Sibenergomash with a diploma for a significant contribution to the development of the regional economy. On top of that Sibenergomash won Best Exporter in Engineering nomination of the Golden Mercury regional stage (national competition for business activity).

In 2006 the company was rewarded with a Diploma of All-Russia Golden Tower Competition. In 2008 Sibenergomash equipment was again included into the Hundred of Russian Best Products list. Boiler equipment manufactured in Sibenergomash was rewarded with a diploma and the Quality Expert Badge of Honor.

New Page of History

4 September, 2009: OAO Sibenergomash has become a separate legal entity.

February 2010 witnessed amalgamation of OAO Sibenergomash, OAO Trubmash and
OAO Trubmashexport in NOVAEM Group of companies (on resolutions of OAO Sibenergomash and OAO Trubmash meetings of shareholders). Amalgamation was intended to increase effectiveness, improve management strategies and reduce process costs of both businesses so that Sibenergomash and Trubmash could gain synergistic effect for their financial and manufacturing activities at the market.

To improve management of the Group a new head company, OAO NOVAEM was simultaneously established. Its functions involve development of management strategies, investment and development projects within the Group of companies.

In addition, it is intended to set up a group of companies specialized in project engineering, project financing and leasing activities in the NOVAEM Group.

Further development of company’s industrial potential, professional growth of our dedicated team and introduction of advanced technologies are the top priorities of OAO Sibenergomash. We intend to resume suspended production lines (in particular fabrication of pressure vessels) and start some new ones, extend our presence at the markets of industrial fans and boilers, increase output of pulverized-coal-fired boilers and intensify our activities with combined-cycle plants.

Total area of the plant is 51 hectares.

Production space is 200, 000 square meters.

Headcount is 1,200 employees.

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