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The first stage of manufacturing process regardless of the equipment is a design concept. Sibenergomash has two design departments. They are Boilers Design Department and Industrial Fans Design Department. All engineering designs are developed with the assistance of the latest versions of CAD- and CAE-systems (Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Engineering).

For the first time designers contact with customers at the stage of front and engineering design, when performance specifications for the equipment-to-be-manufactured are not yet precisely specified. Working on the project at this stage, designers not only follow the global trends in power industry but mostly focus on individual demands of the customer covering conditions of operation, fuel, technical, ecological characteristics, durability and reliability of the unit, and other important parameters.

If unit-to-be-manufactured is planned to be operated in specific conditions, the customer can be offered a custom-designed unit instead of a serial one available. Custom-designed equipment will be adapted to specific features of operational conditions to maximum extend.

According to design documents each manufacturing process goes through several control operations beginning with inspection of incoming materials and component parts, and finishing with acceptance testing of turnkey equipment.

Inspection methods employed in the Technical Control Department and main laboratory are as follows:

1)       Procedure control.

2)       Non-destructive inspection.

  • Radiographic testing;
  • Ultrasonic testing;
  • Dye penetrant inspection;
  • Magnetic powder inspection;
  • Steeloscope inspection;
  • Hardness measurement
  • Visual and measurement inspections;
  • Metal ball rolling through pipe surfaces;
  • Hydraulic-pressure testing;

3)       Destructive inspection:

  • Mechanical testing;
  • Intergranular corrosion test;
  • Metallographic analysis;
  • Analysis of chemical composition;

4)       Hydraulic testing.

5)       Final inspection.

6)       Static balancing.

We design and manufacture boiler equipment and industrial fans which save electric and heat energy, improve economic effectiveness and ecological security.


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