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Professional staff is a driving force and competitive advantage of any company. That is why working with our staff-members we primarily focus on their training and development of their personal skills. Costs of education and training are considered as capital investments in human resources of our company. Within the framework of our educational programs, mastering of new skills forgoes their active practicing. This key principle is more than relevant in the light of the ongoing upgrading and technical retooling of company’s manufacturing capacities.

Highly-professional employees is one of the values of the company. To ensure compliance of professional skills of our staff-members with the requirements of professional standards our labor-workers consistently improve their proficiency in their basic and related professions in the leading educational institutions of Altaysky kray and Siberian federal district. Sibenergomash has also initiated a range of educational programs for managers and specialists that allow them to raise the level of their professional skills.

To recruit young specialists Sibenergomash on the regular basis cooperates with the leading higher educational institutions training students in engineering and boiler-making in particular. Among educational institutions Sibenergomash cooperates with are Polzunov Altay State Technical University, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Omsk State Technical University.

 Admittedly, determination of Sibenergomash to train and improve proficiency level of its staff is one of the mainsprings prompting company’s stable position in power-engineering industry.

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