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Hot-water boilers (30-180 Gcal/h)

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Hot-water boiler installation in a heating boiler house is employed to get hot water for utilities (heating, ventilation and hot-water supply systems), and industrial installations. It can serve as a peak-reserve heater at combined heat and power plants.

These boilers are vertical-tube, once-through with forced circulation and arc-shaped, T-shaped and P-shaped lay-out.

With more than 30 years of extensive experience with hot-water boilers we have designed an array of unified designs available in multitude of thermal capacities (30-50-100-150-180 Giga calories per hour) with superior performance characteristics and improved cost-effectiveness.

Uniform-type boiler is once-through, gas-proof, close-coupled, and pressure-fired with vertical, invert furnace. The boiler is remarkable for integration of metal saving techniques and smaller amount of installation works if compared with analogues of our competitors. All improvements mentioned were achieved through removal of boiler structure and replacement it with supporting tube configuration.

We managed to cut level of emissions and contributed to reliability of heating surfaces of the new boilers without any increase in metal intensity if compared with the previous designs. Due to application of stage combustion technology new boilers are remarkable for improved efficiency (94-95%) and low level of emissions.

We can install hot-water boilers on existing and -type foundations of corresponding capacities.

Hot-water boilers can be operated coupled with combined-cycle plants and combined-cycle gas turbine power plants employing exhaust gas of gas-turbine power units as oxidizing substance.

Designation Q, Gcal/h t, ˚C of water at boiler outlet Maximum operating pressure, MPa Fuel
--180-150-2 (--209-150) 180 150 2.5 Fuel oil, natural gas
--180 (--209-150) 180 150 2.5 Natural gas, diesel fuel oil
-180 () (--209-150) 180 150 2.5 Fuel oil, natural gas
--120 -1 (--139,6-150) 120 150 1.6 Coal
--110 -2 (--128-150) 110 150 1.6 Coal
-100 (--116,3-150) 100 150 2.5 Fuel oil, natural gas
--100-150-4 (--116,3-150) 100 150 2.5 Coal
--100-150-6 (--116,3-150) 100 150 2.5 Brown coal
--100 -2 (--116,3-150) 100 150 1.6 Fuel oil, natural gas
--50 (--58,2-150) 50 150 1.6 Fuel oil, natural gas
--30 (--35-150) 30 150 1.6 Fuel oil, natural gas
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