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Sibenergomash Service Strategy involves continuous author assistance for supplied industrial fans, which begins from the moment equipment is put on line and includes technical maintenance throughout the whole design life.

To optimize parameters of industrial fans and adapt them to operation conditions of the customer our designers provide the full package of diagnostic inspections. After diagnostics a conclusion is made whether the industrial fan should be retrofitted or repaired to improve its effectiveness and cut operation costs. While the industrial fan is under the diagnostics the following works can be executed:

  • Determination of actual aerodynamic characteristics of the industrial fan;
  • High-precise monitoring of bearing units vibration;
  • Determination of remaining life of separate units and industrial fan on the whole;
  • Processing and analysis of received data;
  • Providing recommendations on optimization of industrial fan parameters;
  • Providing a guarantee for a retrofitted (repaired) industrial fan;
  • Counseling and training of personnel operating this industrial fan.

Extensive experience in technical assistance and maintenance of supplied industrial fans created a great foundation due to which our diagnostics results in excellent operation of the equipment.

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