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Reliable operation of the unit depends not only on its high quality. It is equally important that quality of installation complies with the requirements of the manufacturer.

Installation of boiler equipment and industrial fans is a complex and responsible work. To erect equipment properly it is exceptionally important that all operations are fulfilled by experienced and high-skilled specialists with the help of high-precision devices. Beyond any doubt low-quality installation will make it necessary to repair the unit or even replace it.

To solve the outlined problem concerning centrifugal FD (ID) fans of single-side suction our designers developed units which can be manufactured on a single foundation and delivered to installation site on it. This helps to avoid assembling and alignment of driving gear with electric motor attended with a bunch of measurements.

As for the boiler, owing to its dimensions and mass, it is practically impossible to assemble it in the workshop. For instance 670 t/h capacity boiler manufactured for Yantsunkhay HPP (China) is about 70 meters high and weighs more than 7000 tons. That is why we strongly recommend to install boiler equipment and industrial fans under technical supervision of OEM’s specialists.

The main objective of installation supervision is oversight over contractors that should meet all the requirements of design, normative and technical documentation so that the boiler can perform with guaranteed indices. Apart from this, in the course of installation a lot of technical issues arise which are to be discussed and solved by supervision personnel.

 Supervision installation service that we offer covers the whole product range of boilers and industrial fans and comprises the following:

  • Technical supervision of all stages of installation;
  • Commissioning;
  • Technical maintenance of equipment through the whole period of operation.

Establishment of Supervision Installation Department dates back to 1949. Ever since our specialists have supervised installation of more than 1000 boilers with the capacity ranging from 75 to 820 t/h.

It is important!

Supervision installation implemented by our specialists additionally extend guarantee period for industrial fans for a calendar year.


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