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Steam Boilers for Industrial Facilities

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We supply steam boilers to combined heat and power plants of big industrial enterprises. They operate coupled with a turbine or steam pipe line. Manufactured boilers are single-drum, vertical-tube with natural circulation and balanced draft. We can provide both dry and wet bottom ash handling systems for boilers burning solid fuel. There is a design project of steam boiler in capacity up to 160 tons per hour with state-of-the-art technology of solid fuel burning in circulating fluidized bed.
Steam boiler E-65-3,9-440KT (БКЗ 65-3,9-2)

Boiler project was designed for retrofits of boilers with 50t/h capacity burning high-ash coal aimed to increase their capacity up to 65 t/h and improve their performance and cost-effectiveness with simultaneous NOx reduction.

Boiler is vertical-tube, gas-proof, single-drum with natural circulation and arc-shaped lay-out.

Furnace is furnished with 4 straight-flow slot burners located tangentially on a level with each other (with a burner at each wall nearby the corner) with 6 bottom air nozzles.

Burner-furnace configuration design ensures compliance of emissions with normative limitations.

Boiler is delivered in transportable packages.

General parameters
Fuel Coal
Steam Capacity, t/h 65
Efficiency (gross), % 90
Specific NOx emission behind the boiler,mg/nm³ 470
Steam Parameters
Steam pressure at outlet, MPa 3,9
Steam temperature at outlet, °С 440
Boiler dimensions, m
Width along axes of columns 5,760
Depth along axes of columns 10,910
Top height mark of the boiler +24,370
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