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Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

Design projects of heat recovery steam generators (БКЗ-КУ-44/6-3,9/0,7 and БКЗ-КУ-18-1,3) are available in Sibenergomash.

HRSGs are designed to enhance overall efficiency of gas turbine plants utilizing exhaust gas for generation of superheated steam which can be used either for electric power generation or for other technological purposes. HRSG contributes to more environmentally friendly operation of power unit due to reduction of exhaust gas temperature and noise abatement.

HRSG can be installed indoors and outdoors. It can stand seismic load up to 8 points at MSK scale.


The boiler integrates double-circle hydraulic diagram (high and low pressure circles).


HRSG is operated with gas-turbine power plant with 4 or 6 MWt capacities.

Parameter БКЗ-КУ-44/6-3,9/0,7 БКЗ-КУ-18-1,3 
High Pressure Low Pressure GTP 4MWt GTP 6MWt
Steam capacity, t/h 43.6 6.1 12.2 11.7 18.6 18.3
Superheated steam temperature, ˚C 435 205 240
Superheated steam pressure, MPa 3.9 0.7 1.4 2.4 1.4 2.4
Heat capacity of system water heater, MWt (Gcal/h) 6.5 (5.6) 1.77 (1.52) 2.14 (1.84) 1.81 (1.56) 2.00 (1.72)
System water consumption, t/h 125 38 46 39 43
System water temperature at boiler inlet, ˚C 75 70
System water temperature at boiler outlet, ˚C 120 110
Gas temperature at boiler outlet, ˚C 100  
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