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Depending on purpose there are two major types of industrial fans. They are FD (forced-draft) fans (delivery of air including dust-loaded air) and ID (induced-draft) fans (handling of combustion products).

There are two basic designs of industrial fans. ID and FD fans are manufactured axial and radial (centrifugal). There are two modifications of centrifugal industrial fans. They are of single-side and double-side suction with 1.8-1.9 times higher capacity of the latter.

Sibenergomash axial industrial fans are two-stage ID and FD fans with impeller diameters from 1,250 to 4,300 mm.

Sibenergomash product range comprises more than 60 basic unit sizes and approximately 70 modifications of axial and centrifugal industrial fans with impeller diameters from 1250 to
4300 mm in capacities ranging from 75 to 5,600 kW.

Industrial Fans Design Department has extensive experience in developing and designing the whole range of industrial fans for boilers with capacities up to 35 t/h and over. The Department had such ambitious and successfully implemented projects as sets of industrial fans for power units with 200, 300, 500, 800 and 1200 MW single unit capacities.

Sibenergomash Industrial Fans Design Department has developed practically all medium and large unit size industrial fans currently existing on the Russian market.

Sibenergomash has intellectual recourses and production facilities to design and manufacture not only serial draft equipment but also custom designed units that will meet our customers’ requirements on performance parameters, operation conditions and cost-effectiveness rate to the extent possible. Application of our industrial fans would let you the following:

  • cut electricity costs for driving the fan;
  • eliminate possibility of sediment formation of substances handled with an air or gas flow in an air-gas channel;
  • improve resistibility to abrasive wear.
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